Burrard Place

One of the largest single projects currently under consideration in Downtown Vancouver, the Burrard Place development would see the creation of a significant landmark on the Burrard Street corridor. This proposed development is designed to create a dramatic entrance to Vancouver’s downtown area as people crest the Burrard Bridge heading north into the city. The glass curves of the building façade provide more than a sculptural gesture along the Burrard Promenade. The curves allow the building to self-shade during the summer months as well as providing ample room for light to stream into the public alleys behind. This glass skin utilizes a unique composition of clear glass, fritted glass and spandrel panels to soften the expression of the building without detracting from the dramatic forms.

At the ground level, the building is anchored visually and urbanistically to its context through careful landscaping and the inclusion of an automobile showroom at the corner of Burrard and Drake. This showroom is conceived as a sort of magical house of mirrors, with cars and shoppers appearing to float within the large open volume. Rather than elevate this showroom on a plinth, the floor of the interior showroom and exterior urban plaza are one continuous slope so as to retain a strong connection between the activity on the street and the activity in the building.

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